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Adapting to Change | Home delivery of Medical Supplies


Change can be hard, extremely hard for anyone, including loved ones (or ourselves) coping with complicated health concerns. We may feel forced to adapt to new limitations, a different environment or body functions that can create a literal mess near equal to the "emotional mess" of any suffering. Then obtaining Shopping in snowmedical products like ostomy care or incontinence on a regular basis can easily add to the, at-times, overwhelming stress of just getting on with the day.  If you or your loved one is fortunate enough to be mobile, you want to enjoy special outings to visit friends or family, maybe a movie or a visit to your local library, but the last thing you want to do is trek out in bad weather to an inconveniently located brick-and-mortar store just to lug back boxes of [protective underwear], assuming they even have what you want in stock.




Change can also be liberating since nowadays it so much easier for you to stay warm and dry by ordering most anything online. Still, this is easier for some than others who may be set in their ways. When ordering online, it's natural to ask yourself who are you trusting with your, (or your mother's) personal information? A faceless e-business?! Especially in online market places like Amazon which are largely made up of varied 3rd party sellers1, each competing 24/7 to win the Buy Box of specific products.


Did you know...?

Amazon uses a secret method/algorithm to determine which 3rd-party seller gets their product visible on your tablets e-shelf tempting to send you [adult diapers] this month. It could be company "ABC" today, and store "XYZ" the next.So, how do you budget for your supplies when the seller and/or price is constantly changing in the wild west of internet shopping? Who is really sending your medical necessities? Where are they shipping from? What if your ageing father gets the wrong item delivered? Who can you count on to help resolve customer service issues? In short: Who is the business behind the buzz? is a an online store with knowledgeable and understanding staff who care about the common good of society. We welcome you to get to know us by reading our blogs, view our product listings, ask us your "dumb," rather learning questions, and when we have earned your trust, the ultimate test is to place an order. You may not see our streamlined process in action, but you'll appreciate the communication. We know you can go . your regular medical supply needs and anticipate when your next order will be placed to better streamline delivery of your medical supplies. And we keep it simple.

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Call us 1-888-645-2055Call: Need more info than the product page provides? Not finding what you are looking for? When you call 1-888-645-2055 (Monday-Friday 8am-4pm EST) you will be promptly greeted by a customer care expert familiar with all products listed on Our professional staff will ask the right questions to understand the requirements and then help walk you through top options that match you or your loved ones needs. 

Email info@capitalmedicalsupply.caEmail: When you send an order by email to we ask you to include the following:

  1. The name of the product
  2. The size (if applicable)
  3. The complete shipping address
  4. Preferred method of payment 

Within 1 hour (Monday-Friday 8am-4pm EST) we reply with an invoice that you can pay via our secure website by entering your credit card details or by  PayPal. If preferred, provide your phone number we will call you to process payment over the phone.




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