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SOLVED: Incontinence Supplies Paid! ODSP Direct Pay Guide

We Help Put the ODSP Process Together

Beneficiaries of the Ontario Disability Support Program, (ODSP) can now receive supreme service with discreet delivery of incontinence supplies under ODSP Pay Direct.  By following some simple steps you may be approved for your monthly needs to be managed & paid for by the Ministry of Community and Social Services. warmly accepts ODSP clients with a mission to add convenience and dignity to the process.  



1. Ask your Caseworker for the Mandatory Special Necessities Form (example form)

2. Take this form to your local healthcare professional (doctor, nurse, practitioner) and they will help complete it

3. Contact us by email or by phone for a quote



Give the completed Mandatory Special Necessities Form and our quote to your caseworker for approval. Your caseworker will contact us with approval by fax, (our fax# is: 1-800-616-6375).

Now you can relax and let us work out the details. Once approval is confirmed (typically 2-3 days) you will have your supplies sent directly to your residence by Canada Post. Just sign upon delivery and the supplies are yours!



All your efforts are now paying off as you start receiving regular monthly shipments of your approved products. You only need to contact us when you want to make changes to the frequency of delivery and/or product selection.



At we care that your clients are happy with our service, solutions and selection. Our professional staff have been working with caregivers, caseworkers and clients under funding programs for years. When you fax us the approval we contact your client within 1 business day to confirm delivery details.

  •  FAX: 1-800-616-6375

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