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BetterDry S10 with 60 Diapers

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The BetterDry S10 is suitable for severe to severe incontinence, but it also gives extra safety to mobile people with lighter incontinence.

Absorbency according to ISO 11948-1: 2900 g Diaper weight
approx. 130 g
Diaper dimensions: 74 (L) x 55 (W) cm

Cardboard BetterDry S10 with 60 diapers in 4 poly bags of 15 pieces for a hip circumference of 55-80 cm. Since this product was developed for safe overnight care, it is relatively thick (about 8 mm). Please keep this in mind if your main focus is discretion. product features

  • Use at night
  • offers high safety to mobile persons with lighter forms of incontinence
  • discreet, white, slightly elastic plastic outer film
  • large, resealable adhesive strips
  • Elastic cuffs at front and back
  • high Seitenauslaufschutzbündchen (about 5.5 cm), so that suction amplifier work well
  • wetness indicator
  • odor protection
  • latex-free

PZN: 15617918

Product 10400

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