Comprinet® Forte

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Thrombosis prophylaxis for healthy legs

Comprinet® Forte Stocking is an anatomically knit compression stocking intended for use in pre-, intra-, and post vein surgery, DVT prophylaxis for high risk patients, DVT prophylaxis and edema reduction after orthopaedic surgery, and as an alternative to compression bandages. Comprinet® forte is available in two compression levels – 23mmHg* & 35mmHg*, in a thigh high style, in white color.


Comprinet® Forte Professional care with uniqe comfort

Higher pressure: 23mmHg & 35mmHg For high risk immobilized patients or those who have already had a DVT & partially mobilized patients.

For varicose veins procedures (e.g. sclerotherapy, vein stripping), prevention of edema following orthopedic surgery, DVT prophylaxis…