Concorde Gliding Discs-Exercise
Concorde Gliding Discs-Exercise

Concorde Gliding Discs

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Concorde Gliding Discs are a great tool to sculpt, tone and challenge the muscles in our body. Double sided and used to perform lunges, squats, upper-body and full body exercises on both carpet and hard floors. Only 7" in diameter, these discs are portable and compact as it's small enough to place in your purse and gym bag. The smooth side is designed for carpeted areas, while the fabric side is designed for hard flooring. Gliding discs can be used separately or together to perform a variety of exercises that help improve the core and build strength. These discs can be used with your hand, feet or knees. A great tool to use when performing exercises such as lunges, planks, mountain climbers and more. 

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