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A fixation bandage should fit reliably, without slipping and creasing and should re- strict the patient’s movements as little as possible. Elastomull® meets these requirements. The elasticity of the fabric with its high restoring force and large stretch reserve allow the bandage to be applied in a rapid and material-saving manner. The elasticity does not deterioate even after prolonged use. The high proportion of natural fibres allows for good absorption of moisture, largely preventing sweating and itching on the skin. Elastomull® is soft and gentle to the skin.

Description and properties
Elastomull® is a highly elastic fixation bandage made of 42 % cotton, 29 % viscose and 29 % polyamide. The crimped weave structure helps to prevent slip- page. The individual turns of bandage need only overlap by about one third. Constriction or congestion does not occur when the bandage is applied properly. The particularly high cotton content and the light, airy weave structure make Elastomull® particularly pleasant to wear.

  • Highly elastic.
  • Particularly skin-friendly.
  • Comfortable for the patient.
  • White.

Elastomull® can be sterilized in autoclaves.

Main uses
Elastomull® is suitable for the fixation of wound dressings, especially on frequently moved and tapering parts of the body and on joints.