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MedSource Non-Contact Infrared Body Thermometer - MS-131002

Regular price $275.00

This Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer-IR 300 provides accurate and rapid temperature readings without any physical contact. Simply scan the patient's forehead and receive an instantaneous temperature result in less than two seconds. The thermometer features a color-changing LED screen that visually reflects the severity of your temperature. Take temperature readings quickly and efficiently with one hand.
  •     Measurement time: Under two seconds
  •     Measuring distance: 0.4″-2″
  •     Measurement accuracy: 0.2°C/0.36°F
  •     Thermal equilibrium time: 30 minutes
  •     Body temperature range: 93.2°F-109.2°F
  •     Storing temperature: 60°F-95°F
  •     Memory function: 50 temperature readings
  •     Automatic power-off: <18 seconds
  •     Product weight: 3.033 oz (excluding two AA batteries)
  •     Product size: L 5.43″ x W 3.74″ x H 1.47″