Power Web 7"-Exercise Equipment-OrthoCanada-Yellow-capitalmedicalsupply.ca
Power Web 7"-Exercise Equipment-OrthoCanada-Yellow-capitalmedicalsupply.ca

Power Web 7"

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Power-Web Finger, Hand, Wrist, and Forearm Exerciser

Fun to use, Power-Web is designed for therapy, training, rehabilitation, injury prevention, and other exercises. It comes in three variations with multiple resistance levels:

- the original Power-Web is 14" in diameter and comes in six different resistances;

- the Power-Web Junior is 7" in diameter and provides many of the same exercises in a smaller unit and comes in three different resistances;

- the Power-Web Combo is 14" in diameter but features two resistances in one product and in four different combinations.


• Increase Flexibility

• Reduce Arthritis Pain

• Color coded resistance levels for variability

• For all hand sizes and strength levels

• 39 Exercise manual included

• Can Help Relieve or Prevent Carpal Tunnel

• Easy and fun to use

This proven hand, wrist and forearm exerciser is a great rehab tool to develop strength, dexterity and range of motion. Combo models offer unique advantage of two resistance levels in one.

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