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Tranquility ThinLiner Absorbent Sheets

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  • 100% breathable sheets collect, absorb, and retain moisture in and around skin folds, groin area, under breasts, from wounds, or anywhere moisture is present
  • Absorbs equally from both sides; inhibits bacterial growth and neutralizes odor
  • Soft, supple material conforms to most outer body surfaces to protect from moisture build-up and skin breakdown
  • Available in multiple sizes and with different levels of absorbency (5 oz absorbent capacity from 6”x10; 8 oz absorbent capacity from 6”x14”; and 15 oz absorbent capacity from 20”x22”)
  • Highly absorbent, latex-free, and non-sterile


1 case= 200 units, (8 pkgs w/ 25 units ea)


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