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Tranquility TrimShield Pads for Light Incontinence

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Sold by the case and delivered to your home, discreetly packaged:

  • Each Mini case contains 8 packages of 25 units each (200 pads total)
  • Each Super-Plus case contains 5 packages of 25 units each (125 pads total)
  • Available in white with a peach lining for women and men.

The product 

Tranquility TrimShield Pads for Light Incontinence are not widely available in retail stores and Tranquility is the only brand whose only purpose is to help people with incontinence. These disposable pads have a uniquely designed thin peach core —super-absorbent with a high capacity to hold liquid. The peach core also helps maintain skin health, reduce odour reduction, control bacterial growth and neutralize urine. These disposable pads have a moisture-proof backing and adhesive strip so they can be worn—securely—in regular underwear.

Size and Capacity

  • Mini dimensions are 10.5" x 3" and hold 7oz (199 ml)
  • Super-Plus dimensions are 11.75" x 4" and hold 8 oz (236 ml)

Features and Benefits

  • Fluted-channel core with super-absorbent polymers that work rapidly to contain leaks
  • Adhesive strip holds pad securely in place
  • Moisture-proof backing
  • Latex-free
  • Rapid absorption
  • Small sized products are very discreet
  • Wear in regular underwear for a sense of normalcy
  • Easy to change and dispose
  • Backed by the Peach Mat Guarantee of unsurpassed overall performance in the areas of skin dryness, odour reduction, urine pH neutralization and the Inhibition of bacterial growth