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Donjoy® Iceman Classic3™

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The Classic Advantage

The IceMan CLASSIC3™ cold therapy unit helps reduce pain and swelling, speeding up rehabilitation. The IceMan® helps provide extended cold therapy to aid in a variety of indications and protocols as directed by a medical professional. The IceMan CLASSIC3 utilizes DonJoy’s recirculation technology.

  • Time tested with over 20-years of experience delivering industry leading cold therapy solutions
  • Developed through direct customer interaction and feedback

Technology Advantage

  • Our recirculation system helps deliver consistent cold therapy throughout the cold pad, eliminating freezing inlet temperatures

Patient Convenience and Ease-of-use

  • Designed for easy refill indication
  • Self-priming, plug-n-play operation
  • Designed for easy portability and storage
  • A complete line of cold pads to help deliver cold therapy to where it is needed the most

Ordering Information

DonJoy® IceMan CLASSIC3™

IceMan CLASSIC3™ Cold Therapy Unit 11-0494
IceMan CLASSIC3™ w/ Universal Cold Pad, S, RH 11-1421
IceMan CLASSIC3™ w/ Universal Wrap-On Pad, NS, RH 11-1422
IceMan CLASSIC3™ w/ Universal Cold Pad, NS, RH 11-1423
IceMan CLASSIC3™ w/ Universal Wrap-On Pad, NS, EH 11-1424
IceMan CLASSIC3™ w/ Shoulder, S Wrap-On Pad, NS, RH 11-9098
IceMan CLASSIC3™ w/ McGuire Knee Wrap-On Pad, NS, RH 11-9099

S = Sterile
NS = Non-Sterile
RH = Regular Hose (6.5”)
EH = Extended Hose (15”)