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Sleep Apnea Testing at Home with Interpretation-Sleep Apnea
Sleep Apnea Testing at Home with Interpretation-Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea Testing at Home with Interpretation

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Do you suspect you have sleep apnea but you don't want to spend a night or two at the hospital for a diagnosis? Are waiting times too long that you just want to get the diagnosis and potential treatment started? Luckily, the world already has moved to Home Sleep Testing as the main method of sleep testing and treatment initiation if required. 

The sleep industry has recognized that more people would be tested and diagnosed if they were in the comfort of their own homes. This thought process has led to innovative and effective home sleep testing devices. The option of home sleep testing for sleep apnea has been proven in many ways to be just as effective as a free-standing sleep center for a diagnostic test of sleep apnea for a majority of the undiagnosed population seeking better sleep health.

Capital Medical Supply offers industry leading Registered Polysomnography Sleep Technicians manual scoring and verification of your sleep studies and a Board Certified Sleep Physician interpreting your test and giving sleep medicine recommendations and diagnosis if applicable.

Please Note

This device is intended for the testing of suspected sleep apnea in adults (18 and over) that DO NOT have co-morbid conditions. If you suffer from health conditions like heart failure, COPD, or neuromuscular disorders, this is not an option for you, and it is recommended that you consult a sleep physician about testing done in a lab setting of a sleep disorder center.


How to get started?

Steps For A Home Sleep Test

  • Order the home sleep test kit.
  • Once Ordered, you will receive an Electronic Medical Intake Form that must be completed prior to the shipping of the unit. It is all done online. 
  • We will mail you the ApneaLink Air home sleep testing kit. 
  • Follow the instructions that are included in the email you received for the medical intake form. 
  • There will be a POST Questionnaire to be completed after the test to ensure accuracy and standards. 
  • Return the device via the return shipping label included in the package.
  • The sleep study data from the sleep testing unit is downloaded and interpreted by Board Certified Sleep Physician.
  • The results and recommendations are E-Mailed to you as soon as they are interpreted with the diagnosis, if applicable.

Please Note: This is a testing service only and this device is not for sale. Due to the high cost and demand on the device, we do require that credit card information is secured before a device is released to you. For this, you will be sent an Electronic Medical Intake that will include Credit Card Information to be provided. This document must be reviewed and signed before a unit is released to you. It is important that this is used and returned within 7 business days after it arrives to your residence with the return label that is included for you to avoid for any charges.

If the device is not returned within 7 business days after being delivered, the full purchase price of the device ($2,850.00) will be deducted from your payment method. Signature required upon delivery.


Is the Sleep Test covered under insurance? 
- Some insurers will cover the diagnostic tests. Please verify with your insurance company

Does OHIP cover testing or treatment?
- In order to get subsidy for a CPAP machine and $415.50 of government assistance, an OHIP holder MUST go through a sleep lab and follow up with an ADP-registered Respirologist and have all forms completed by both physician and vendor. CPAP trials are required. 

Does Insurance Accept Home Sleep Test results and interpretation?
- Yes! It is widely used in various parts of Canada, throughout the USA as well in many European and Asian countries. 

What do I do once I get my results?
- You may proceed with what the physician has recommended or speak to your family physician. In many cases the family physician will provide a prescription for CPAP therapy as it is the Golden Standard Therapy.

Does this Package Include RRT Consultation?
- An RRT Consultation can be accommodated for an extra charge of $75.00 to explain the test and provide explanation on routes of therapy. 

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