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FREE SHIPPING across the USA and Canada on orders over $175!
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Frequently Asked Questions


Oxygen OxyGo Fit OxyGoFit Potable Oxygen Concentrator


Commonly asked questions about the OxyGo Fit

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FAQ: Rollators

FAQ Rollator Rollator Wheelchair Combo walker

Frequently Asked Questions: Rollators
What is the difference between the small and big wheels?
How do I know which Rollator will work best for me?
The Rollator is too big to fit into my powder room, are there any smaller options?
How much weight can the fabric basket hold?
What is the warranty for rollators?

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FAQ: Lift Chairs

FAQ Lift Chairs

Frequently Asked Questions: Lift Chairs
  1. How do I know what size of chair I should get?
  2. What's the difference in positions for Lift Chairs?
  3. Are there fabrics that are stain/spill resistance?
  4. What is the warranty on these items?
  5. Will my Lift Chair be shipped assembled?

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FAQ: Scooters

FAQ scooter

Frequently Asked Questions: Scooters

  1. Can I physically see one of the scooters?
  2. What if I order a scooter and don’t like it?
  3. What if it arrives with a defect?
  4. What is the warranty for the scooters?
  5. If needed, where can I go to get my scooter repaired?



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