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FAQ: Lift Chairs

FAQ Lift Chairs

Frequently Asked Questions: Lift Chairs

How do I know what size of chair I should get?

Lift chairs are like shoes, you want them to fit just right! Feel free to use the general guide below to help find which size would fit you best

Model Size

User’s Height

Seat to Floor Height

Weight Capacity

Petite Wide

Below 5’3”


375 lbs

Super Petite

4’8” - 5’4”


250 lbs


Below 5’ 3”


375 lbs


5’4” - 6’


375 lbs


5’10” and up


375 lbs

Heavy Duty

5’6” - 6’1”


500 lbs

Very Heavy Duty

5’6” - 6’1”


600 lbs

Otherwise check out our sizing guide and checklist to ensure you are picking the right lift chair for you! Click here.

What's the difference in positions for Lift Chairs?

Lift chairs come in a variety of positions and options, see general position guide below.

Lift Chair Features Chart

Are there fabrics that are stain/spill resistance?

Yes, if you require a fabric that is spill or stain resistant please look at choosing a lift chair that has the option of a High performance fabric. These fabrics are breathable and spill proof, ready for anything life may throw at it.

If you require something that will hold up against incontinent related accidents, the best option would be a Vinyl fabric. You can wipe this fabric down and use disinfectants without worrying about damages. These fabrics are most often an upgrade at an additional cost, and often have a longer shipping time frame, price and ship times vary based on manufacturer. 

What is the warranty on these items?

Most Lift Chairs have a 7-year prorated warranty. It is always best to check your user manual and reach out to the manufacturer for further details on warranty.

Will my Lift Chair be shipped assembled?

No, all Lift Chairs will be shipped in the original manufacturer's packaging. 

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