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Stand up tall when walking with your Rollator/Walker!

Tips on how to avoid a hunched over posture when using your mobility aid

We have all seen it, the hunched over Rollator or Walker user. Walking around with their head pointing down to the ground, arms are almost straight out in front of their body, and the Rollator or Walker is very far away from the user's body. Learning how to use a Rollator or Walker correctly takes some time and practice. These movements do not always come naturally, but is it important to ensure you are using your Rollator or Walker correctly. Incorrect use can increase the users risk of falling or cause more aches and pains in the shoulders, neck, or back. So why are people walking this way?

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Scooters, Scooters, Scooters, So Many Scooters!!

3 quick tips to get you started towards your new scooter Before clicking that purchase button on a brand new scooter, you’re going to want to make sure that you have done a little homework especially since the topic of scooters is quite broad. In this quick article I’ll give you a couple tips to consider before buying that fancy new ride.  Accessibility First things first, accessibility. The term accessibility in this case refers to how easy it will be to access the scooter. Sometimes when looking at a scooter purchase we can forget that we will have to eventually store...

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The perfect Lift Chair for you - Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Buyers guide - what to consider when purchasing a lift chair?

Now that you are an expert on what a lift chair is, and the different positions they can achieve, you are probably wondering how to pick the best one for your specific situation. Picking the perfect lift chair for you can be tough. I see it similar to the story of Goldielocks and the Three Bears, you want that perfect fit. Nothing too small, too big, or too lumpy. Not only are there a wide variety of sizes, but you can pretty much customize a lift chair to your specific needs and wants. Yes, I said want, because who doesn’t want to have a comfortable place to sit, with some fancy bells and whistles for extra comfort and relaxation! Do you want to have heat and massage, a handy USB charging port for your smartphone/tablet, and built in cup holders on your favourite chair?! All that is now possible. Keep reading to learn how to determine what Lift Chair would best fit you, and the additional features you can choose from, when looking to invest in the Lift chair that is best suited for you!

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“Honey, You Can be Such a Pain in My Neck”

3 Strategies to help improve your posture.

“Don’t slouch”. “Stand-up straight”.  These phrases may cause horrific anxiety inducing memories for some of you from your childhood.  I will be perfectly honest, I didn’t hear this too often as a child.  Not that my Mom didn’t care, more so that it wasn’t as important as keeping 3 neanderthal-like boys from killing each other.  Also, I grew up at a time when personal screens weren’t in existence quite yet.  However, today is a very different story, not only do we have 3 smartphones and 2 tablets in our house, I am married to a physiotherapist.  It is an understatement that I hear a version of these two statements daily.  On bad days, I hear them with statistics (I love you, honey…).

To add insult to injury, I know that she is absolutely right.  (Yes, honey I admitted you’re right… this time!).  I have a honours degree in kinesiology that focused on biomechanics.  Not only do I know that poor posture is bad for you. I know how to calculate how bad it is for you.  Now before you run away on me.  This article is not a run through of the grueling mathematics of poor posture, nor is it intended to guilt you into acknowledging how bad your posture is (because of course, dear reader, your posture is perfect. You’re reading this article for someone else).  This article simply contains a few quick tricks to help correct or at least minimize some of the common poor posture habits, and the pains that come with them that most of us (but not you) are prone to.

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Let’s get Past the Embarrassment Together

Incontinence: The Last Medical Taboo

Let’s get some Definitions:

According to The Canadian Continence Foundation FAQ page Urinary incontinence (UI) is “an involuntary loss or leakage of urine”.  In simpler terms, whether a little or a lot, you pee when you don’t want to.  This issue is so common that it’s subdivided even farther.  ‘Urge’ urinary incontinence occurs with or after a sense of bladder urgency.  Whereas, ‘Stress’ Urinary incontinence is accidental leakage “during physical activities such as coughing, laughing, lifting or exercising.”

You are Not Alone:

We all know about post pregnancy and elderly incontinence issues but even in those cases it’s not something that is spoken about.  Like the title of this article suggests, most find it embarrassing to admit to others.  The concern is that this embarrassment prevents you from seeking help and restricts you from your living life in a satisfying way.  I think it's important to understand how common UI is, in order to realize that you are not alone.

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