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Sleep Apnea Types & Symtoms

There are two main kinds of sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, is the most common form of the condition. It’s caused when there’s a blockage in the airway. This can happen when the tissue that’s found towards the back of the throat collapses while a person’s sleeping. Central sleep apnea is different than OSA because there’s not necessarily a blockage. However, in this case, the brain forgets to communicate effectively with the body, so the body doesn’t get the message that it should be breathing. The muscles don’t trigger the breathing reflex and the person will begin losing...

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SOLVED: Incontinence Supplies Paid! ODSP Direct Pay Guide

We Help Put the ODSP Process Together Beneficiaries of the Ontario Disability Support Program, (ODSP) can now receive supreme service with discreet delivery of incontinence supplies under ODSP Pay Direct.  By following some simple steps you may be approved for your monthly needs to be managed & paid for by the Ministry of Community and Social Services. warmly accepts ODSP clients with a mission to add convenience and dignity to the process.     GETTING STARTED: 1. Ask your Caseworker for the Mandatory Special Necessities Form (example form) 2. Take this form to your local healthcare professional (doctor, nurse, practitioner) and they...

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Let's Face it!

Let’s face it, CPAP compliance is difficult!   Sleep Therapists know it is easier said than done, so they have shared some useful CPAP tips and tricks to help you have a better nights rest without cutting off the nose to spite the face, (or your long-term health).

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Battling Embarrassment of Male Incontinence

Does your bladder seem to have a mind of its own? You’re not alone. Incontinence is common and treatable. About 3.4 million men in the U.S. have accidental leakage of urine, aka: Urinary Incontinence, (UI) and the Canadian Urinary Bladder Survey reports that 16% of Men and 33% of Women over the age of 40 have symptoms of UI, yet only 26% have mentioned the issue with their doctor

Embarrassed much?

Most men may think buying maxi-pads for their partner is embarrassing enough, so buying cup-shape incontinence-pads for themselves may be emotionally...

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WARNING: Gaming diaper required!?

Hardcore gamers strategy to stay staring at the screen non-stop: Gaming Diapers. Seriously. Video games have become so real that many teenagers and game-loving adults are mentally taken to another world, apparently a world without bathroom breaks, yet where frightening things, such as life-like (or perhaps more living-dead-like) zombies pop out of nowhere, which can literally scare the $#!% out of you. Therefore, the need for fecal containment systems, aka: adult diapers. What seems like a virtual-joke is actual-reality. Game developer, Red Barrels, an independent game studio located in Montreal, Canada is taking on the battle of bladder leakage, now advertising...

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