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Who Doesn’t Want an Underwater Plane or an Easy Tip & Pour Kettle!

Practical Holiday Gifts that You May Not have Considered.

So I’m going to start this article with a confession. I am a very practical gift person. I am the guy who loves getting new socks for Christmas. But that makes me a very practical gift giver. I see something in the store and think “Oh my wife could really use some new cozy socks”. Only to get a look of horror and disgust on Christmas morning.

So our store Capital Medical Supply, it’s not really what you would think of when you are trying to figure out Christmas gifts for the season. However, if you have a practical gift lover on your list this year, we may be the answer to your Christmas wishes. Here are 3 less-thought-of items that may be a pleasant surprise under the Christmas tree this year for someone that you love.

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Relax and let us teach you about Lift Chairs

Intro to Lift Chairs, not your everyday Lazy Boy!

Believe it or not, lift chairs are becoming more of a common household piece of furniture these days. There is a lot of buzz in terms of inquiries on these chairs, but it often comes along with the question “Why do I need another Lazy Boy?”. Lucky for you... I am here to go over the lift chair basics and hopefully answer the following questions: What are they? What do they do? And, Why should I get one over a Lazy Boy?

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My Superpower? Bionic Knees! And I earned them!!

Knowing what to Expect for Total Knee Replacement Recovery: The Rule of 3s

So your warranty ran out.  Those poor knees of yours have reached their manufacturer’s end of usability.  Good news, Colonel Steve Austin (congratulations if you get this reference and didn’t think WWE), you are eligible for a 3rd party upgrade!  And if you’re Canadian, Mr. James “Logan” Howlett (you’re a superstar if you got that one too), it’s government funded!!

But there is a catch - isn’t there always…  Getting a total knee arthroplasty (fancy word for replacement surgery) isn’t necessarily a painless upgrade.  Many, many, many people (doctors, therapists and clients) have said that it is best to think of your recovery in 3s.  3 days, 3 weeks and 3 months.  In this article, I’ll walk you through each 3, so that the recovery cost to get your superpowers doesn’t come as a surprise.

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Tips for a Happy Walker-Rollator!

Walker-Rollator Preventative Maintenance Guide I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “happy wife, happy life.” Well the same goes for your Walker Rollator, if you keep it happy, you’ll be happy. This starts with what we call general rollator maintenance, that ideally should be done every 3 months. In the article, I’ll be providing you with a general checklist of things to look out for that’ll help prolong the lifespan of your rollator by a wide margin. Main Checkpoints   Brake check  Wheels Handles Back Rest Brakes  When it comes to the brake check, what you’re typically looking for is appropriate tension...

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Oxygen Equipment 101

Oxygen, we all need it for survival and some need it more than others because of compromised health.  I have had frequent queries regarding what is available for oxygen equipment and what is best for travelling.  Supplemental oxygen can come in three different categories, namely Compressed gas (Cylinders), Liquid form and Generated oxygen (Concentrators).  In any of these forms, the amount of time one would have before running out usually is dependent on the flowrate.  Please note that the amount of oxygen needed or flow rates are determined and assessed by your Physician or Health Care Professional.

Compressed gas cylinders have been around for a long time and most people have seen them.  They are normally referred to as “tanks”.  These Cylinders, or tanks, are usually used for portability when going out.  The most common complaint from people who use them, is that it does not last very long and that they are heavy.  They can be fairly awkward to handle and a few cylinders are needed if you are going out for any length of time.  One positive note is that it is quiet when in use.

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