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My Superpower? Bionic Knees! And I earned them!!

Arthroplasty Continuous Flow Cold Therapy Total Knee Surgery

My Superpower? Bionic Knees! And I earned them!!

Knowing what to Expect for Total Knee Replacement Recovery: The Rule of 3s

So your warranty ran out.  Those poor knees of yours have reached their manufacturer’s end of usability.  Good news, Colonel Steve Austin (congratulations if you get this reference and didn’t think WWE), you are eligible for a 3rd party upgrade!  And if you’re Canadian, Mr. James “Logan” Howlett (you’re a superstar if you got that one too), it’s government funded!!

But there is a catch - isn’t there always…  Getting a total knee arthroplasty (fancy word for replacement surgery) isn’t necessarily a painless upgrade.  Many, many, many people (doctors, therapists and clients) have said that it is best to think of your recovery in 3s.  3 days, 3 weeks and 3 months.  In this article, I’ll walk you through each 3, so that the recovery cost to get your superpowers doesn’t come as a surprise.

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