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Capital Medical Supply — urge incontinence

Battling Embarrassment of Male Incontinence

Does your bladder seem to have a mind of its own? You’re not alone. Incontinence is common and treatable. About 3.4 million men in the U.S. have accidental leakage of urine, aka: Urinary Incontinence, (UI) and the Canadian Urinary Bladder Survey reports that 16% of Men and 33% of Women over the age of 40 have symptoms of UI, yet only 26% have mentioned the issue with their doctor

Embarrassed much?

Most men may think buying maxi-pads for their partner is embarrassing enough, so buying cup-shape incontinence-pads for themselves may be emotionally...

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WARNING: Gaming diaper required!?

Hardcore gamers strategy to stay staring at the screen non-stop: Gaming Diapers. Seriously. Video games have become so real that many teenagers and game-loving adults are mentally taken to another world, apparently a world without bathroom breaks, yet where frightening things, such as life-like (or perhaps more living-dead-like) zombies pop out of nowhere, which can literally scare the $#!% out of you. Therefore, the need for fecal containment systems, aka: adult diapers. What seems like a virtual-joke is actual-reality. Game developer, Red Barrels, an independent game studio located in Montreal, Canada is taking on the battle of bladder leakage, now advertising...

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