FREE SHIPPING across the USA and Canada on orders over $200
FREE SHIPPING across the USA and Canada on orders over $200
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Online Vs. In-Store Medical Equipment Purchases

In-Store Purchase Online Purchase

At we love to be able to provide an abundance of options for your medical needs as well as the lowest pricing possible! We understand the financial needs and are with you, which is why we aim to beat prices nationally when possible.

With this, comes the difference of Service vs. Product. In order to serve our clients in the most optimal way for their budgets, and for us to be able to keep this going for a long time to come, all online products do not come with service from our professional staff such as RNs, RRTs, MDs and Licensed Service Technicians. Price match is also not available for in-store purchases. 

Therefore, our pick-up location is designed for Pick-Up ONLY. No questions regarding the use or specifications of the medical equipment or returns will be accepted in the store. 

We are an online company and completely separate from the brick-and-mortar store. 

Need a consultation about a medical device found online? We provide consultations for a flat fee of $49.99+HST.


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