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FAQ: Rollators

FAQ Rollator Rollator Wheelchair Combo walker

Frequently Asked Questions: Rollators

What is the difference between the small and big wheels?

Rollators will typically come in 2 different wheel size options: under 6” diameter, over 6” diameter.

  • Under 6”: best suited for indoor use on tile and carpets.
  • Over 6”: better suited for some outdoor use on sidewalks and in parking lots.

Note: Rollators are not all-terrain devices, they will not function well on gravel or grassy areas.

How do I know which Rollator will work best for me?

Feel free to use this general sizing guide below. Always make sure to verify you are under the weight capacity of the model you are looking at before purchasing.

User's Height

Model Seat Height

5’10” and taller

24” seat height

5’2” - 5’ 9”

20” seat height

5’1” and shorter

18” seat height


The Rollator is too big to fit into my powder room, are there any smaller options?

Most 4 wheeled rollators are a standard size of 17.5” between the handles, and about 25” from outside wheel to outside wheel. If you need to maneuver within a small space, most side folding rollators can be pushed while in their folded state.

Note: This is a temporary solution, it is not recommended that you use your rollator in a folded state

How much weight can the fabric basket hold?

Most of the fabric baskets have a maximum load 5kg/11 lbs.

What is the warranty for rollators?

It is always recommended you check the warranty in your user manual, or inquire with the manufacturer about their warranty. We have found that most rollators will have the following warranty:

  • Frame - limited life time
  • Braking System - 5 yrs
  • Other Components/Accessories - 1 year

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