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Esteem synergy®+ Drainable Pouch with InvisiClose® Tail Closure and Filter Opaque with 2-sided comfort panel

Sale price $77.69 Regular price $96.11

Pouch length: 30.5 cm (12”)

ConvaTec developed these innovative pouches to be noticeably more comfortable and more discreet than our previous pouches. The Esteem synergy®+ pouching system includes:

• Filter with anti-clogging film layer

• Soft and quiet materials

• Streamlined rounded shape skin barriers

• InvisiClose® tail closure

• Lock-it Pocket™ that securely hides away the tail giving the comfort of a closed end pouch

ConvaTec’s pouches combined with Esteem synergy® advanced skin barrier adhesives offer security, comfort and discretion.

10 filter covers per box.