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Hollister Adapt - Flexible Skin Barrier Ring Seals

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Hollister Adapt - Flexible Skin Barrier Ring Seals can be stretched and molded for a custom fit to any shape stoma. Hollister understands that no two people or stomas are alike and that their barrier rings help to ensure their skin barriers provide the best outcome for each individual person.

Hollister Adapt Skin Barrier Rings have an updated design and improved barrier material. These rings provide an alternative to paste for those with sensitive skin, but allows for extended wear time if used under a pouch or 2 piece skin barrier. 

Standard Outer Diameter: choice of either 2" or 4" with inner diameter (doughnut hole) 3/4". Also available in 2" Slim Skin Barrier with an inner diameter of 3/4".

The 2" Slim Skin Barrier measures 2.3 mm thick. 2"and 4" Standard Skin Barriers measure 4.6 mm thickness per barrier. 

Hollister Adapt - Flexible Skin Barrier Ring Seals Features:
  • Moldable and stretchable for a secure custom fit
  • Ideal for those with sensitive skin or limited dexterity
  • Adapt's flat shape is ideal for those with a protruding stoma