Neocate Splash | 27 drink boxes of 237mL / case
Neocate Splash | 27 drink boxes of 237mL / case
Neocate Splash | 27 drink boxes of 237mL / case
Neocate Splash | 27 drink boxes of 237mL / case

Neocate Splash | 27 drink boxes of 237mL / case

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For Toddlers, Older children, and Teens

Case of 27 bottle x  237mL

Neocate® Splash is the first and only ready-to-feed hypoallergenic formula specifically designed to address the growing nutritional and lifestyle needs of toddlers, older children and teens. Neocate Splash has a similar nutritional composition to Neocate Junior and is ideal for oral and tube feeding. To meet a variety of taste preferences, it comes in four flavors: Orange-Pineapple, Grape, Tropical Fruit and Unflavored.

  • Hypoallergenic - effectively resolves food allergy symptoms
    • Based on 100% non-allergenic free amino acids
  • Nutritionally complete for toddlers, older children and teens-- supports normal growth and development

Neocate® Splash is specially formulated for the dietary management of children with cow milk allergy (CMA), multiple food allergies (MFA) and related GI and allergic conditions, including eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE), food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome (FPIES), short bowel syndrome (SBS), malabsorption and gastroesophageal reflux (GER).

  • Dairy free
  • Soy oil free
  • Casein free
  • No artificial colors

Neocate® Splash is a specially formulated medical food and should only be used under medical supervision. It's important to always contact a healthcare professional before making any changes to your child's diet.


Which should I choose: Neocate Junior or Neocate splash?

The nutritional composition of Neocate Splash and Neocate Junior are nearly the same. Both are nutritionally complete and both come in a variety of flavors. Neocate Splash can be seen as a ready-to-feed version of Neocate Junior.

Is Neocate® Splash nutritionally complete for adults?

Like Neocate Junior, it can meet 100% of most, if not all, vitamin and mineral recommendations for teenagers and adults, depending on energy needs. For guidance on how much Neocate Splash would meet nutritional goals, please contact your healthcare team.

What is the best temperature for storing Neocate® Splash?

The best temperature for storing unopened Neocate Splash long term is room temperature. That’s because some nutrients don’t hold up well under heat, and some don’t do well in cold. So, keep Neocate Splash away from sunny windows, air vents, hot appliances, and cold, drafty spaces.

That said, you can put unopened Neocate Splash in the refrigerator ahead of time to cool down, such as for tomorrow’s lunch box. If it hasn’t been opened, we suggest you can keep it refrigerated for up to a week. Remember though: If the drink box is open, it can only be refrigerated for up to 24 hours, but no more. And if someone has already taken a drink from the box, you’ve got 1 hour!

Can I use Neocate Splash, Unflavored for tube feeds?

Neocate Splash, Unflavored is ideal for tube feeds, as it does not require refrigeration (if unopened) or mixing. The drink box is easy to open and pour, which is great when you’re away from home. Neocate Splash, Unflavored can be used for tube feeds given by bolus, gravity, or with a pump and it has a mild, pleasant taste, which may be helpful for tube-fed individuals who experience reflux or who are ready to introduce formula orally. Talk to your healthcare team about how Neocate Splash, Unflavored can be used in your tube feeding regimen.

What is the hang time for this product when used in tube feeding?
Hang time refers to the amount of time a formula can safely remain at room temperature once opened(“hang” because tube feeding bags often hang on an IV pole). We recommend a hang time for Neocate® Splash not to exceed four hours. Clean handling techniques should be used in preparing tube feedings to help avoid contamination during preparation and delivery. Talk to your healthcare team about clean handling techniques and how Neocate Splash, Unflavored can be used in your tube feeding regimen.