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Prevail Extended Use Pant Liners - Unisex

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Overnight Absorbency

These Prevail Incontinence Pant Liners with super absorbency. One size fits all - 13" x 28" long - Pack of 16. They are used for extended/overnight protection. Designed to fit inside underwear. Prevail Liners are great for bladder leakage, and with their contoured shape allows for comfort the wearer expects.

  • Overnight Incontinence Pant Liners
  • Small: 13" x 28"
  • 100% latex free
  • Designed to fit inside underwear
  • Pack of 16 (96 liners per case)
Product Name SKU Code Pad Dimensions Quantity
Pant Liner PL-115
13"x 28"
6 bags of 16 (96 ct.)