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Tena Slip Active Fit / Plastic backed*

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TENA Slip Active Fit is specially designed for individuals with an active lifestyle. This plastic-backed* incontinence product with a fast-acting core and maximum absorbency provides excellent leakage protection. The Easy Fix fastening secures a comfortable fit. TENA Slip Active Fit Ultima is suitable for sudden and full emptying of the bladder as well as overnight use.
  • Super quiet plastic backing*
  • Thin and discreet
  • Waterproof safety barrier
  • Anatomically shaped elastic cuffs for maximum safety and maximum comfort
  • Large comfort tapes (2 per side) can be opened and resealed
  • Wetness indicator

Sizing/Case count:

  • *Small 56 to 85cm (22-33") 
    • Absorption: ISO 2006ml 
    • 1 case= 72 units (3 pkgs w/ 24 units ea) 
  • **Medium 73 to 122cm (28-48")
    • Absorption: ISO 3155ml
    • 1 case= 72 units (3 pkgs w/ 24 units ea) 
  • **Large  92 to 144cm (37-59")
    • Absorption: ISO 3555ml
    • 1 case= 66 units (3 pkgs w/ 22 units ea) 


*Size Small, rather than plastic-backed has a soft textile-like material for comfort and discretion. Readily available.

**Sizes Medium & Large are plastic-backed in these European options. Please anticipate +2-3 days for shipment.


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