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Keep your Scooter Tip-top for these Lazy Summer Days

3 Quick tips for Summer Scooter Maintenance

Now that we have hit that mid-season of scooter riding, you should be considering how well maintained your scooter is at the moment. If you haven’t already, we always recommend that you get your scooter checked at your local vendor, just to make sure everything is working well. Now if you have some technical experience there are a couple of things that you can do yourself to help keep the scooter maintained. 

Scooter Seat

One thing that does get overlooked in keeping the scooter maintained is the scooter seat. Since the chair is a swivel seat that can be popped off and on at any moment, it is somewhat susceptible to rust if you get water on it. If neglected the rust can cause the chair to get stuck in place. Once that happens it becomes quite difficult to remove the seat, and for some people that becomes quite a detriment if you need to take the scooter apart for storage or travel reasons. To help prevent this, I would remove the seat regularly and apply some oil lubricant to the stem of the chair. Doing so will keep the rust from accumulating and helping to prevent any future problems.

Wheel Maintenance 

You should also be keeping tabs on your scooter’s wheels every now and then to make sure not a lot of dirt and grim has accumulated. If you have the technical experience, removing the wheels every couple of weeks, removing debris build-up and applying oil based lubricant will go a long way. Given that wheels are not covered under warranty, keeping them in good shape will be key to a smooth ride.

Thinking it might be time for a new scooter?  Check out on of our other articles: 3 Quick tips to get you started towards your new scooter.

Battery Charge

The rule of thumb for your battery is to keep it topped up.  Your scooter should be plugged in nightly after every use.  Also be conscious of where you are storing your battery while it is charging.  As summer progressive we begin to get warm days and cooler nights.  This is great for sleeping but bad for battery health.  For many scooters the battery can be removed and charged separately, so bringing your battery inside to charge will help it last longer.  If this isn’t possible, it is always good practice to keep your scooter protected from the elements as best as possible.

Just like a car, making sure to consistently stay on top of maintenance for your scooter. Whether it's you who personally does it or your closest vendor, a good maintenance schedule is the key to a long scooter life. With these three quick tips added to our usual maintenance routine you would do on the scooter, you’ll be riding with style and piece of mind during the beautiful summer season. 

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