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incontinence Maximum Absorbency Garments space diaper

Some of the History of Incontinence Products

Did you know Astronauts wear diapers? NASA calls them: Maximum Absorbency Garments (MAGs), Fecal Containment Systems, Disposable Absorption Containment Trunks (DACTs) or Moon diapers (1). The greater population became privy to the space pampers when news reported former Astronaut Lisa Nowak drove nearly 1,500 km (+900 mi) to attack an Air Force officer related in a tyrannical love triangle. According to reports, police stated that Nowak used the adult diaper to avoid pit stops on her jealous journey of revenge.

Another infamous moment where space-pampers would have been handy isAlan Shepard image when astronaut, Alan Shepard had to relieve himself just moments before blasting into space. He may have wished he had an absorbent diaper, when his original 15-minute mission was uncomfortably delayed on the tarmac while he was buckled in. With no other option, Shepard asked to have power shut off to accommodate concerns of electrodes short circuiting as he anticipated to wet himself. NASA then told America’s first astronaut to go ahead and “Do it in the suit!” which in fact did short circuit his heart monitor (2).

Alan Shepard's moon diaperAfter this unpleasant incident NASA sought solutions including uncomfortable catheters or unsophisticated double rubber pants. Now, for combined comfort and control, it is expected that all astronauts wear maximum absorbency garments, including additional missions with Shepherd. You can now see Al Shepherd’s “Moon diaper” at the National Air and Space Museum (3).

Capital Medical knows that cosmic comfort is stellar for the stars and everyday life down on earth. Most of us may be earth bound but we can still take advantage of high tech advancements in adult diaper comfort and absorbency. Our Tena products, for example, offer ConfioAir™ 100% Breathable Technology, moisture-proof lining and super absorbent polymers to keep you or your loved one dry, even if not blasting into space.

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