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Let’s Air Things Out About CPAP Cleaning and Sanitization

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Honest talk about SoClean and Lumin Sanitization Machines

There has been so much controversy out there regarding these sanitization machines.  They are great units to help sanitize your CPAP equipment.  The biggest misconception that people have is they consider these machines as “cleaners”.  When in reality they are really not cleaners, but sanitizers.  One should still clean their equipment and then use one of these machines to sanitize their equipment afterwards.  These sanitation machines are not built like a dishwasher, where the machine washes away any dirt and grime that has built up and then sanitizes at the end of the cleaning cycle.  Part of having a CPAP machine involves routine cleaning, and if one does not do this on a regular basis you could possibly be harming your health rather than improving it.

SoClean 2 Machine

SoClean Image

This is the most popular sanitization machine people are aware of.  You may have seen William Shatner promoting this unit on the television.  The SoClean 2 is meant to sanitize your sleep apnea equipment by way of activated oxygen or ozone gas.  The device generates activated oxygen and pumps it through your equipment.  The ozone gas is known to kill any germs and bacteria it comes into contact with.  When used properly, there are no issues but when guidelines are not adhered to, studies have shown ozone gas can be harmful to your lungs.

The SoClean 2 is user friendly due to the ease of use.  Simply place your equipment inside the SoClean 2 device, close the lid and let the pre-set time to start sanitizing automatically.  It easily connects to most CPAP devices with the appropriate adapter.  The sanitization process has a 2 hour cycle time in order for the ozone gas to dissipate.  The actual sanitization only takes about 7 minutes but requires the remaining time for the gas to disperse.  There is a cartridge filter kit that is required to be replaced every 6 months.  People have responded after using the SoClean 2 machine that they had fewer respiratory infections, improved cough and having a fresher smelling machine and mask.

In conclusion, here are the summary notes of benefits for the SoClean 2:

  • Kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria
  • No harsh liquid chemicals or water involved
  • Convenient and nearly effortless
  • No disassembly of CPAP parts required for use
  • Completely automated with pre-set cycles times (adjustable)
  • Versatile as it can be connected to various models of CPAP units (with the proper adapter)
  • Ease of care for unit itself, simply wipe down to ensure dust does not collect and replace the filter kit every 6 months
  • Manual button allows for sanitization outside of scheduled times
  • Unit will not operate if mask and hose are not in the chamber

If you are interested in the SoClean 2, visit the product page by clicking here.

Lumin Sanitization Machine

Lumin Product Image

Another way to disinfect your CPAP mask and water chamber is with the Lumin Sanitization Machine by way of UV light.  It is an alternative to the SoClean 2 as it is easy, fast and safe.  This method of disinfecting can be seen in hospital operating rooms and surgical centers.  UV light of wavelengths between 260nm - 270nm can kill off bacteria and other germs by breaking down the molecular bonds with the DNA of these microorganisms.  The Lumin uses a wavelength of 265nm and has been shown to be the deadliest wavelength for these germs.  This unit is quite easy to use as it comes fully assembled and one just needs to insert the light-bulb.  It is a quick process as it only takes 5 minutes to fully sanitize any item.  The only limitation to this unit is that it is not effective in sanitizing CPAP hoses, though the Lumin’s manufacturer has come up with a solution called the Lumin Bullet that will sanitize hoses that are 22mm in diameter.  Many people have enjoyed the Lumin because of its versatility and ability to disinfect almost any household items that would fit in the unit and not just CPAP accessories.

So, in conclusion again, here is the summary benefits for the Lumin:

  • Kills 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, fungus and mold
  • Cycle only lasts 5 minutes
  • Environmentally friendly--No harmful chemicals or messy liquids
  • Versatility to sanitize other household items like cell phones, toothbrushes, headsets, glasses and more
  • No need to have it next to your CPAP unit...can have it in a different room
  • No maintenance or replacement parts to upkeep or required
  • UV-C bulb should outlast the life of your unit-replacement bulb are available
  • Extremely easy to operate and user friendly
  • Lumin automatically shuts off when drawer is open
  • No residue left on your equipment

If you are interested in the Lumen, visit the product page by clicking here.

Whether using the SoClean 2 or Lumin keeping your CPAP equipment clean and well maintained is essential to prevent illnesses and keeping you healthy. And as a last quick note, before purchasing any of these units, be sure to refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines on cleaning and sanitization.  

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