Struggling with Puffers?!?

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A Simple Device to make your Life and Breathing much Easier

Not to worry, we have a solution for this.  It is called an Aerochamber or Spacer.  Many people who use a Metered Dose Inhalers (MDI), or commonly known as “puffers”, have a difficult time coordinating the actuation and breathing simultaneously.  Often, they end up spraying the medication on their tongue, cheeks or the back of their throat, resulting in fewer particles inhaled. 

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The majority of adults with lung issues are unable to use their inhaler devices effectively, and this misuse was shown to result in decreased control of symptoms.  Up to 91% of pulmonary compromised clients use their metered-dose inhalers improperly.  Numerous studies have identified sub-optimal inhaler technique as a common problem in people with respiratory disease.  Only 1 out of 10 patients with a metered dose inhaler performed all essential steps correctly.  Spacers minimise problems of poor inhalation technique with MDI, reduce oropharyngeal deposition and increase lung deposition. Spacers improve the clinical effect of inhaled medications, especially in patients unable to use a MDI properly. In fact, spacers may increase the response to bronchodilator medications, even with correct inhalation technique.  Using a spacer has proven to be a viable lower cost alternative to the use of a nebulizer for delivering large bronchodilator doses in patients with severe acute asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. A person who is not competent to use the device or use it in an ineffective manner may derive little or no benefit even if they are scrupulously adhering to their treatment regimen.

Another erroneous habit that people tend to do is to press their puffers twice in a row.  This second actuation will only spray out propellant and not medication.  The proper procedure is outlined:

  1. Insert the inhaler/canister into Aerochamber/Spacer and shake vigorously.
  2. Breathe out.
  3. Put the spacer mouthpiece into your mouth.
  4. Press down on the inhaler once.
  5. Breathe in slowly (for 3-5 seconds).
  6. Hold breath for 10 seconds.
  7. Exhale.
  8. Wait 1 minute before 2nd puff and repeat Steps 1 through 7

Although most attention has been focused on the drugs used to control pulmonary diseases, it is increasingly recognised that effective delivery of these drugs to the lungs is just as important.  Using an Aerochamber can help reduce the coordination needed while increasing the amount of medication inhaled and have become the most commonly used approach to MDI aerosol therapy. They are an inexpensive tool for all ages, and can be used for both  long-term preventative therapy and for short-term treatment of acute exacerbations.  So, struggle no more and get an Aerochamber for your puffers.

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