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Who Doesn’t Want an Underwater Plane or an Easy Tip & Pour Kettle!

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Practical Holiday Gifts that You May Not have Considered.

So I’m going to start this article with a confession.  I am a very practical gift person.  I am the guy who loves getting new socks for Christmas.  But that makes me a very practical gift giver.  I see something in the store and think “Oh my wife could really use some new cozy socks”.  Only to get a look of horror and disgust on Christmas morning.

So our store Capital Medical Supply, it’s not really what you would think of when you are trying to figure out Christmas gifts for the season.  However, if you have a practical gift lover on your list this year, we may be the answer to your Christmas wishes.  Here are 3 less-thought-of items that may be a pleasant surprise under the Christmas tree this year for someone that you love.

Ergo Kettle:

I personally love tea.  And even if you don’t like tea, what is better than a nice warm cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day.  Now just imagine not being able to enjoy said cup of warm & toasty goodness because a full kettle is quite heavy for you and when it’s heated up it just seems dangerous.  That’s where the Ergo Kettle comes along. When it gets all steamed up, just tip it over and pour it out!”  No need to lift a hot kettle, it simply stayed in the base and tips to pour.  Don’t think of it as just a kettle, it’s a long missed warm belly of goodness!

Handheld Reacher:

So I’m relatively tall.  But my mother is not so much. She is, like, really, really short. And because I’m the favourite son, I was her reacher during my teenage years at home! “Excuse me Andy, can you get {insert random top-shelf item here}?”  But for people without a tall family member readily available at home, the two most obvious choices are a stool or a reacher.  Reachers are awesome! Far more versatile than a stool!  Sure, you can get high things with one but you can get low things or far things too.  They are also  lighter and easier to simply keep close by.  Swinging things back to serious, quickly, reachers are a very useful and underappreciated tool for many many people.  Don’t be afraid to consider one as a gift, maybe even a stocking stuffer.

Biotime Shoes:

Shoes for every occasion!!  Biotime makes a great line of shoes.  They are all built with comfort and foot health in mind.  If you know someone with sensitive feet that are prone to pressure sores and / or friction injuries then consider getting them a set of Biotime shoes for Christmas.  Even if they don't have troubled feet, Biotime makes some awesome slippers.  Admit it, shoes are always better than socks.  “When in doubt, buy shoes.”  That little saying has saved my marriage more than once when I’ve gotten that practical gift itch and thought “my wife could use a nice new pair of cozy socks…”

Here at Capital Medical Supply, we are wishing you and your family the happiest of holiday seasons.  Whether you are buying gifts, restocking on medical supplies or looking for an equipment related solution to a medical issue, we are here to help.  Stay warm, stay safe and stay in touch with those that you love.

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